Welcome to Graphics Innovator Ltd.

Graphics Innovator is a leading photo retouching company based in Europe (Nicosia, Cyprus) and having production house in Rangpur, Bangladesh. That's why we can be your best destination for low cost image editing solution. We can provide the best quality image editing for your eCommerce product photos at very affordable pricing. Currently we are serving leading eCommerce companies, photo studios, commercial photographers, pre-press companies, advertising agencies, printing and publishing companies around the Globe. Our core services are clipping path, background removal, image masking, ghost mannequin, color correction, image shadowing (drop, natural, reflection), Cropping & Resizing, eCommerce image optimizing etc many more.

History of Graphics Innovator

Graphics Innovator was established in 2010 as an extension of Rangpur IT. Later, we emerged as a separate entity from our mother’s concern and start proving ClippingPath and Image Editing services around the world. Now we are the best and biggest image editing company in Bangladesh. We have 100+ skilled resources, they are very dedicated and working with up to date current and technology.

Why We Are Different:

For providing quality services, our team works all the year round. Moreover, our customer support executives are always ready to respond to customers and you can reach them via email or over the phone anytime. We assure the highest quality work and we never disappoint you because we do not give baseless service commitments. We believe in working and our customers’ testimonials speak for us. We also believe in ethical business and contribute in many humanitarian works.

Ways We Work:

Graphics Innovator has the most advanced state-of-the-art technology of graphic design, an excellent team of more than 50 experienced and professional graphic designers and responsible customer service executives. Our clients send their files using our secured dedicated FTP server. Then we examine their files and give them a price quote. We strictly maintain a 3 step quality checking procedure through the workflow and the time frame required by customers to complete our jobs.

Our Services Overview:

Clipping Path

Photo Masking

Hair Masking

Color Correction

Shadowing (Natural, Drop and Reflation)

High End Retouching

Ghost Maniquine/ Neck Join

Image Cropping & Resizing

eCommerce Image Optimizing

Who We Serve:


Photo Studios

Advertising Agencies

Printing and Prepress Agencies

Ecommerce Site Management Firms

Magazine and News Publication Firms

Product and Fashion Photographers

Web Designers and Developers

And a lot of more.

Our Skills

Our Capacity

We believe in top notch quality with zero-tolerance and we ensure the best turnaround time within our capacity. We have a very flexible capacity and firm plan for future. We currently have the following capacity:

  • 40,000+ image per month

  • 30 workstations (both Mac & PC)

  • 10+ Image Manipulation Trainees

  • 30+ Junior Graphic Designers

  • 5 Senior Graphic Designers (Supervisors)

  • 5 Quality Assurance Professionals

  • 2 Production Management

  • Capability to work 24 hours in 3 batches

Our Quality policy

Quality is measured in terms of the instruction of the clients to the related projects. It is checked in every stage that is everything processing as per clients requirement or not. Every instruction should be covered throughout the whole process. Before upload the final processed work, it checked again.

Our Quality Assurance Process


Supervisor Level

We have many senior graphics designers who are working as supervisors and instructors to ensure best quality services for our clients. They work as standby professionals to monitor graphic designers in each workstations in their team.

Quality Assurance Team Level

When a designer completed his/her work. It is sent to the quality assurance team. Another team then checks them with our customized software for errors and fix if any found. Then it is sent to other team when Sr. Designers check them manually as per clients requirement.

Image Delivery Level

After that it is sent to customer service department who upload them to the clients ftp or email. That is the process how to assure our quality in every level of work.


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