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Our Capacity

We believe in top notch quality with zero-tolerance and we ensure the best turnaround time within our capacity. We have a very flexible capacity and firm plan for future. We currently have the following capacity:

  • 40,000+ image per month
  • 30 workstations (both Mac & PC)
  • 10+ Image Manipulation Trainees
  • 30+ Junior Graphic Designers
  • 5 Senior Graphic Designers (Supervisors)
  • 5 Quality Assurance Professionals
  • 2 Production Management
  • Capability to work 24 hours in 3 batches

Image Processing Capacity:
  • 100+ images per hour
  • 2000+ images per day
  • 10,000+ images per week
  • 40,000+ image per month

Physical Resources:
  • Workstation 22 (both Mac & PC platform)
  • NEC Express 5800/100 series R140a-4 server
  • ISP (ISPAHANI one of the largest ISP in Bangladesh, we have also backup internet connection MANGO, BTCL, BANGLA LION WI-MAX)
  • Licensed copy of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master (multiple users)
  • 1,500 sqft of production house with expansion flexibility to various other locations in Rangpur, Bangladesh

These features of our industry put us in favorable position to offer a sustainable growth. And also ensures us to provide large scale and sustainable production at rock bottom price without comprising with quality. With such scalability, we also can ensure fasted turnaround.


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Turn Into A Client

  • Send us a test job and judge our quality of work.
  • We provide the test job absolutely free of cost.
  • Then fixed the price and turnaround time by mutual understanding.
  • Upload and download the files by FTP.
  • You see the quality and then you make the payment.
  • Monthly billing system for regular clients.

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House No: 71, Road No: 1/4 RK Road, Satgara, Santidhara, Rangpur- 5400 Bangladesh.
Email: info@graphicsinnovator.com