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Cropping / Sizing / StraighteningCropping an image refers to the process of cutting out a portion of the image to leave a smaller image that better captures (we hope) what you want in the photograph. Resizing refers to the process of changing the physical size of an image. We need to crop the photograph to create the composition that we want. The composition is mostly already determined by the original, but the relative placement of the elements within the frame can be changed by cropping.


Resizing means that we change the size of an image without necessarily cropping it. If the proportions of the new size do not match the proportions of the original, then some cropping would also be involved. If we resize and image so that the image pixel size is changed, then the image is resembled to create a new array of pixels conforming to the new pixel size. The effects differ depending on whether we make the image smaller or larger.


Work Sample


cropping_sizing cropping_sizing cropping_sizing


Move the mouse on the thumbnail to see the before-after effect!



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