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clipping pathClipping path is a graphic term used in the digital image processing industry that cites to the process of drawing a vector path around a certain image using the Photoshop pen tool. A clipping path can also be interpreted as non-printing line that encloses one or more areas of a raster image. Clipping path involves a process of differentiating the objects from their basic layer or background and placing the detached objects on a new fresh background. This new background can act as an image or it can replace the color of an existing image.



Our Clipping Path service divided in many parts:


Work Sample:



clipping_path_1 clipping_path_1_l clipping_path_2_be clipping_path_2_l clipping_path_3_be clipping_path_3_l





Move the mouse on the thumbnail to see the before-after effect!


What are the advantages of Image Clipping?

The main benefit of Image Clipping is to remove unwanted parts of an image, separate part of an image to create a new image or combine the clipped image with a new image.


Our team is dedicated to provide (hand made) clipping path services with maximum accuracy in relatively minimum cost. We will save your precious time and reduce your cost. You can upload images without a path; and within your specified hours, you can download these same images with an appropriate clipping path made according to your instructions. Our easy online multiple file upload application will save your time and money while seamlessly integrating into your production work flow.




Graphics Innovator Limited has made a stride as leading offshore clipping path service provider in Bangladesh. We provide various types of clipping path service: basic clipping path, simple clipping path, compound clipping path, complex clipping path, super complex clipping path, multiple clipping path, clipping path with Image shadow creation (original/natural/drop/reflection shadow) etc.


  • Low cost services.
  • Live help/chat from Website.
  • Available in 24 hours.
  • We do 100% manual Photoshop clipping paths with pen tool
  • We deliver complete turnkey before the deadline
  • GIL Designer have the utmost expertise in exhaust Cutout image
  • We accept all format images including TIFF, JPEG, PSD etc.
  • Full-fill online solution (invoice, uploader/downloader, online payment etc).
  • Easy payment system (PayPal, Credit Card, Master Card, Bank transfer etc.)
  • The most competitive price but zero tolerance in quality
  • Client’s satisfaction is our best capital.
  • You see the quality and then you make the payment.
  • Monthly billing system for regular client.
  • 7/24/365 days on service.




We provide always faster turnaround. Our normal turnaround time is 12-24 hours. Also the turnaround time will depend on the volume and complexity of the project.

Graphics Innovator Limited offer you 2/3 free trial images to show you our high level of quality, low cost, and speed of turnaround time. You can send us any type of file format such as TIF, EPS, JPG, PSD etc.


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  • Send us a test job and judge our quality of work.
  • We provide the test job absolutely free of cost.
  • Then fixed the price and turnaround time by mutual understanding.
  • Upload and download the files by FTP.
  • You see the quality and then you make the payment.
  • Monthly billing system for regular clients.

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